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Mushroom powder from the whole mushroom

Best quality for your well-being: mushroom powder from the whole mushroom

We are committed to the “power of nature”. That includes the philosophy of a holistic approach. Therefore we offer mushroom powder from the entire mushroom, which contains all the valuable ingredients of the fruit body and the mycelium.

Our affiliated company, the MykoVital H. GmbH, in Limeshain (Germany) is cultivating organic mushrooms, all-natural on ecologically controlled organic substrate (control number: DE-ÖKO-006). The production is accomplished in two parallel production ways: Firstly, the organic fruiting bodies are grown on an organic wood-based substrate. On the other hand the organic mycelium is grown on an organic millet-based substrate. Both substrates are gluten free and lactose free. They only contain organic ingredients, clear, sterile water and purified air. Of course, we do not use any pesticides or other chemicals.

The long road from the spore to ripe mushroom 
Initially, both organic substrates are carefully sterilized to ensure that no bacteria or other fungal spores are left over. Then they are fertilized with the particular mushroom seed. Generally it takes several weeks or month until the first small mushroom can be seen. During the long maturation period, the organic wood substrate is completely grown through by the fungal mycelium. The organic millet substrate is completely consumed by the fungus. In the end, there is only pure organic fungal mycelium remaining. The mycelium is actually the fine network of hyphae that grows in nature mostly invisible in the soil. 

We cultivate our organic mushrooms in optimally conditioned halls, under controlled conditions. Consistently optimized temperature and humidity provides the best ripening conditions for mushrooms. As soon as the fruiting bodies are fully grown on the wood substrate, they are harvested by hand.

From mature mushroom to mushroom powder of best quality
Further processing of the organic fruiting bodies is carried out, immediately after harvesting the mature mushroom. We grow all fruiting bodies exclusively for the mushroom powder production. The organic mycelium from the millet substrate is also immediately processed after the full maturation. Fast processing is very important, because mushrooms can lose valuable ingredients during storage periods. The first step is the carefully drying at temperatures of up to maximum 35 degrees Celsius. Through this method, all heat-labile ingredients are preserved. Afterwards the dried organic fruit body and the dried organic mycelia are gently ground into fine powder.

To ensure the best combination of ingredients for you, the two powders are then mixed in a certain mixing ratio, depending on the species of the mushroom. We put no dyes, binders, flow improver or other excipients in our products, so that you receive only 100% pure organic mushroom powder from the entire mushroom. Subsequently the organic mushroom powder is filled into cellulose capsules. The capsules are either filled single-origin with 100% powder from a single mushroom or as powder blend with powder of 2 to 3 mushrooms. Finally, the capsules are filled in glass jars.

Thus you benefit from mushroom powder that contains a maximum amount of important ingredients, especially valuable organic vital substances.

Thousands of ingredients
Our mushroom powder from the whole mushroom contains thousands ingredients. These include for example glycoproteins (the natural and most effective form of polysaccharides), triterpenoids, adenosine, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and especially very important enzymes as well as other ingredients. They all have an influence on the human organism. The most awesome fact is however that they support each other in their effects. This means that each precious ingredient of all mushrooms are working in combination with each other. On the one hand, they stimulate certain metabolic reactions in the body, on the other hand, they inhibit certain processes. This is a useful and balanced process, which enables us to exhaust the intelligence of nature fully to the advantage of our wellbeing.

Why not extracts?
Why can’t extracts detoxify? Our uncontaminated organic mushrooms are acting as catalysts and are removing toxins from the body. During the detoxification process particularly enzymes play an important role. Our mushroom powder from the entire mushroom contains plenty of these crucial enzymes. Extracts, however, lack of these enzymes, because enzymes are destroyed at a temperature above 40 degrees Celsius. Hot water extractions always require temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, extracts can’t also absorb pollutants and excrete them naturally. Furthermore, during the hot water extraction process, all non-heat resistant vitamins such as vitamin B1, B12 and vitamin C get lost. Extracts do not contain triterpenes. The precious triterpenes are among the most effective ingredients of the mushrooms. They are only found in fruiting bodies, mainly in the gills and the spores of mature fruiting body. The action spectrum of triterpenes is very widely varied. The triterpenes include molecules such as steroids, vitamin D and bile acids. In extracts, triterpenes are non-existent. Glycoproteins are destroyed during the extracting process. Polysaccharides (ß-glucans) belong to the family of long-chain carbohydrates that are composed of many single sugars. The concentration of polysaccharides (multiple sugar) in mushrooms depends on the development status of the fruiting body. With the development and growth of the fruiting body, it increases also its activity. The fruiting body contains a higher total amount and a higher number of different types of polysaccharides than the mycelium alone. Glycoproteins are high-molecular-weight and more complex molecules of ß-glucans (polysaccharides) and proteins. The effect of the glycoprotein is higher than the sole effect of the ß-glucan. Through extracting the glycoproteins are destroyed, only the polysaccharides remain. Their size is also reduced by heating and this also reduces the range and magnitude of its effects proportionally. You receive mushroom powder from the whole mushroom, which contains a maximum of ingredients, such as enzymes, vitamins, triterpenes and glycoproteins from us.

Mushroom mixtures
In addition to the pure mushroom powder capsules, we also offer a range of mixed mushroom powder capsules containing several of our mushroom varieties. All mixtures contain mushroom powder in equal proportions. I.e. a 2-mix contains ½ of each variety, a 3-mix contains 1/3 of each variety, etc.
In addition to the standard mixtures available in our web shop, we also offer special mixtures for a purchase of 3 glasses. These we produce individually for you on your request. Please contact our MycoVital team by phone or e-mail.